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The Dillengers are on an extended holiday each studying surrealistic finger-painting which is designed to enlighten and enlarge their extensive collection of pizza bones. In the meantime, E-mail us here CONTACT US.


Buy this CD on PayPal "the perfect CD to drive down the coast to, hang with the buddies to, or just plain groove to." (5 stars) - consumer review = Instro-Mania E-mail us here CONTACT US

Live at Elwoods

You must have this now: "you can't argue with this kind of fun - lots of the right tempos, and twang o' plenty... a surfabilly package that won't quit." - Dean Cottrill, website = The Dillengers Live at Elwoods = E-mail us here CONTACT US
"... a blistering set included the themes from the movie "Goldfinger" and The Monkees TV show, a Patsy Cline cover, an avalanche of surf music, and an original tune about sighting a naked Elvis at the zoo with a three-foot Slim Jim... the humor and theatrics of The Dillengers disguises a serious commitment to American music." - Scott Messmore, Boynton Times

" South Florida band of this year..." - Boca Raton Magazine

"...guitarist Rick Rossano blows minds with surf-punkabilly trio The Dillengers, leaving a number of jaws dangling about knee-level... no one in South Florida bends a string or works a toggle switch like this guy...bad, bad, bad." - Jake Cline, Ft. Lauderdale's City Link

"...fuel-injected rockabilly trio, The Dillengers..." - City Link's Best Of Issue, Reader's Choice Awards