Press clips for The Dillengers include these astute observations:


“..fresh and very powerful. A ton of energy, plenty of grind,and surf lurking in every corner. Disturbed twangage..” -Phil Dirt (“Phil’s Garage”) of KFJC, from the website Reverb Central

“… a blistering set included the themes from the movie “Goldfinger” and The Monkees TV show, a Patsy Cline cover, an avalanche of surf music, and an original tune about sighting a naked Elvis at the zoo with a three-foot Slim Jim… the humor and theatrics of The Dillengers disguises a serious commitment to American music.” – Scott Messmore, Boynton Times

“…best South Florida band of this year…” – Boca Raton Magazine

“…guitarist Rick Rossano blows minds with surf-punkabilly trio The Dillengers, leaving a number of jaws dangling about knee-level… no one in South Florida bends a string or works a toggle switch like this guy…bad, bad, bad.” – Jake Cline, Ft. Lauderdale’s City Link

“…fuel-injected rockabilly trio, The Dillengers…” – City Link’s Best Of Issue, Reader’s Choice Awards

“…The Dillengers are musically defiant … covers that range from Sun Records-era Elvis Presley and Miles Davis to George Jone and The Ramones. Unbelievable.” – Bill Meredith, XS Magazine

“…wonderful, throat-lumping… an irreverent sense of humor, intelligence, and most of all, cojones.” – Bob Weinberg, Ft. Lauderdale’s City Link

.. you can’t argue with this kind of fun – lots of the right tempos, and twang o’ plenty… a surfabilly package that won’t quit. – Dean Cottrill, website

“Fans of surf, garage, punk, rockabilly, and Link Wray buy this CD now! Also head on down to southern Florida and catch them live. They will not disappoint you and you will love being drenched in their Reverb. Go Cat Go! (5 stars)” – consumer review from

…the perfect CD to drive down the coast to, hang with the buddies to, or just plain groove to. (5 stars) – consumer review from

“…one of South Florida’s best-kept and best-loved musical secrets..the trio has been burning up the blacktop and building a burgeoning fan base with its crazy-good, lounge-a-riffic sound.. a huge sense of fun and superb skill.. (The Dillengers) can switch from surging surf rock to classic country a la George Jones to Ramones-era punk to Elvis classics to speed-metal polkas..catch guitarist Rick Rossano’s incendiary fretwork.” – Kati Schardl,

“…reminds me of watching a Quentin Tarantino film, lost somewhere in a Californian sunny beach. It’s obvious that THE DILLENGERS had a very good time when they recorded this album…” – Dmitri Fotiadis, Metal Invader website

The Dillengers have long displayed the integrity to be standard-bearers of the South Florida roots-music scene… (their live show) can include anything from George Jones to the Ramones, punctuated by goofy original tunes and stoked with hipster attitude…Upon hearing it their live CD and guitarist Rick Rossano’s superlative picking, especially his muscular yet delicate slide guitar — the national music magazine GuitarOne named him one of America’s ten best guitarists. – New Times magazine